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No longer do we as sex addicts have to hide from the truth of our issues. There are many ways to get help. Open up the conversation through our contact button. We will provide you with resources based on the details you submit.

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Sex Addiction Does Not Discriminate
Sex addict group of mixed genders
All Genders are at Risk for Sex Addiction

You are not alone. Sex addiction affects 10-12 MILLION people in the US. Fortunately, there is a clinical answer to help those in need of help.

Known as a CSAT, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists are able to work through any issues you may be having around your addiction.

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Sex Addiction Risk & Treatment by State

We have found the best sex addiction treatment options, organized by state below.

Also included is a ranking system (lower is better) for each state and the risk for sex addiction through online dating.

The data is derived from 3 factors:

Safety Rating (60%)

Crime & STDs

Status Rank (25%)

Education & Salary

Scene Rank (15%)

Platform & Usage