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Sex Addicts Anonymous

Are You A Sex Addict?

Sex when consensually intimate, is considered a healthy part of life, however there are many people for whom it is just a “self-consuming” act and lacks appropriate emotional and physical connection with an intimate partner. Sex is a basic necessity for most humans, and it is absolutely normal and healthy to have a vigorous sex drive. But when a person’s sexual desire goes beyond their control, it can convert into problematic sexual behavior. There is a noticeable difference between a person who has developed sex addiction and someone who has a healthy sex drive.

A person who does not have an addiction to sex will not feel devastated if sexual intercourse is not available to them; however, as opposed to a sex addict, they not only feel disappointed instead they can become desperate to have sex at any cost. Basically, sexual addiction is defined as when a person is unable to control their sexual urges, desires, thoughts, and impulses.

In human beings, sexual impulses are normal, but when it comes to sex addicts, sex and other related activities have a significant negative effect on their personal and professional lives.
When a person experiences a mandatory need to get sexually stimulated, they can be considered a sex addict. This desire has the ability to interfere in their daily routine, which can lead to agitation and irritation.

There are many ways in which a person becomes consumed by sex; some common ways are:

  • Watching pornography, webcam performers or other online sex acts
  • Seeking out sexual activities
  • Involvement in prostitution
  • Having an uncontrollable sexual fantasies
  • Excessive Masturbation
  • Exhibition and/or voyeurism

Patterns and Examples of Sex Addiction

To know whether a person is a sex addict or not, it is important to discuss the patterns and examples of different forms of sex addiction. There are different treatments and therapies available to someone who has been immersed in problematic sexual behavior. Prior to resolving these issues, understating different forms of sexual addictions is essential to seeking the proper medical treatment.

Below is the list that you can consider in order to find out whether you are addicted to any kind of sex:

  1. Fantasy Sex:  ignoring important professional and personal commitments to seek out sexual fantasies like; Group Sex (Orgies), S&M/BDSM, Fetishes/Taboo and Novelty Sex, to name a few.
  2. Seductive Role Sex: having extramarital affairs, which can be heterosexual or homosexual, or frequently participate in sexual flirting and seductive behavior.
  3. Anonymous Sex:  sex with strangers, an anonymous people and/or frequently engaging in one night stands.
  4. Paying for Sexual Activities: intentionally making payment(s) to prostitutes for sex, erotic acts or paying for sexually explicit phone calls and or cyber sex.
  5. Trading Sex: involving in sexual activities and in return, receiving compensation in the form of money, goods, and/or different kinds of drugs or alcohol.

Finding HELP

If you find yourself engaged in any of the sex addictions mentioned above, TAKE ACTION, find therapy, or reach out for help. Start by calling our SexAddictRecovery advisors at (928) 433-7679 for more information on finding a nationally recognized sex addiction program.