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Sex Addicts Anonymous

Depression & Sex Addiction

Depression and sex addiction often go hand in hand, as each condition can exacerbate the other. Here’s
how depression and sex addiction can be related:

  1. Self-medication: Individuals with depression may turn to sex addiction as a form of self-
    medication, using sexual behaviors to temporarily escape their feelings of sadness and
  2. Shame and guilt: Compulsive sexual behaviors can result in feelings of shame and guilt, which
    can trigger or worsen depression.
  3. Isolation: Sex addiction can cause problems in personal relationships, leading to feelings of
    loneliness and isolation, which are common symptoms of depression.
  4. Physical health problems: Depression and sex addiction can both have a negative impact on
    physical health, leading to a vicious cycle of poor health and negative emotions.
  5. Decreased ability to function: Both depression and sex addiction can interfere with an
    individual’s ability to function in daily life, leading to further feelings of hopelessness and
    It’s important for individuals struggling with both depression and sex addiction to seek professional help.
    Integrating evidence-based treatments for both conditions, such as therapy and medication, can help
    individuals regain control of their lives and improve their overall well-being.