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Sex Addicts Anonymous

For humans, sex is imperative for their biological, emotional, and physical needs. But when a person is unable to control their sexual impulses, desires, and thoughts, they are considered sex addicts. When a person gets a compulsive need to participate in sexual intercourse or activities in order to achieve “satisfaction,” it is known as sex addiction or problematic sexual behaviors. This disorder can be treated if the affected person is able to recognize its symptoms. There are various therapy and treatments that a sex addict can consider to alter their life.

Warning signs or symptoms of sex addiction

It is important here to highlight the fact that there are many sexologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists who debate on the criteria of diagnosis when it comes to sex addiction. One of the common warning signs of this disorder is that the affected person may be secret behavior(s). In this, the person having sex addiction develops the skill of hiding their sexual behavior(s). The worst part is they even start hiding about their disorders from their partners, family members, and spouse. They lie about their condition and engage themselves in the act of sex or other sex-related activities. 

Common symptoms that are observed in sex addicts:

  • Feeling of guilt or remorse after unsafe sexual practices
  • Chronic desires for sexual intercourse
  • Compulsive sexual relations with multiple partners
  • Lying about sexual preferences
  • Compulsive sexual relations with strangers
  • Preoccupation with sexual intercourse when it is hindering the daily course of actions
  • Inability to stop thinking about sexual fantasies
  • Putting others in the situation of danger due to problematic sexual behaviors
  • Putting oneself in harmful situations due to inappropriate sexual preferences
  • The constant habit of masturbation
  • Having personal and professional losses due to sexual disorders
  • Involvement in repetitive sex relative activities and making it the central part of one’s life
  • Neglecting health, responsibilities, commitments, and other interests due to participation in sexual intercourse and other related activities
  • Constant sexual behaviors despite having negative and adverse consequences
  • Repetitive participation in computer sex, phone sex, etc.
  • Stubborn use of pornography
  • Compulsive sexual intercourse with sex workers

What are the ways to treat sex addiction?

There are different therapy and treatments available for sex addicts so that they can get back to their normal lives. The affected person can seek help from medical treatment, psychotherapy, self-help groups, etc. Here are some of the tips which you can consider in order to cope with problematic sexual behaviors and disorders:

  • Stick to your treatment plan or strategy
  • Educate yourself about the hazards of sex addiction
  • Identify what drives your urges and try to control them
  • Avoid all the risky situations such as masturbation, going to strip clubs, spending time on hook up apps
  • Practice meditation, relaxation, and other stress management techniques